I joined the Denison faculty in 1999 holding a Ph.D. from Washington University in St. Louis and regularly teach courses in American politics outside of the governmental institutions.

Courses and Selected Syllabi (Note: dates in brackets are syllabus download links.)

  • POSC 202: American Political Behavior and Institutions [Spr. 2011]

  • POSC 201: Analyzing Politics (research methods) [Spr. 2016]

  • POSC 311: Political Organizations in the U.S. (interest groups) [Spr. 2012]

  • POSC 312: Religion and Politics in the U.S. [Spr. 2011]

  • POSC 313: American Political Behavior

  • Senior Seminars (POSC 401/402): The Social Roots of Participatory Democracy (F’05), The Political Influence of Religion: Experimental Approaches (S’08), The Group in American Public Life (S’09), Democracy and Disagreement (F’10), Personality and Political Behavior (F’11).

I have also supervised numerous senior, summer, and independent research projects (some of which have been published), including:

  • The Practical Citizen: Moral Foundations and Public Opinion

  • How Interpersonal Networks Affect Opinion Holding

  • A Study of Christian Right Horticulture: Grassroots Activism in a Republican Primary Campaign

  • Coalition Formation and Dynamics within the Columbus Pro-Choice Community

  • Beyond the Lynn White Thesis: Congregational (Religious) Effects on Environmental Concern

  • The Widespread Use of Interfaith Dialogue in International Politics

  • From Riots to Reconciliation: The Religious Interests Involved in Healing Cincinnati After Racial Unrest.

Some of my students have gone on to graduate study in political science at The Ohio State University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Vanderbilt University, and Brown University; others have pursued all sorts of interesting professions and graduate programs (mostly MAs in public administration/public policy).