Paul Djupe

I am a political scientist at Denison University specializing in religion and politics, social networks, and political behavior. I am an affiliated scholar with Public Religion Research Institute, the editor of the Religious Engagement in Democratic Politics series with Temple University Press. I was the coeditor of Politics & Religion (2011-2016). And I blog primarily for, but did for 538, the Monkey Cage, and others. 


I am interested in the apolitical roots of political engagement. I explore how individuals construct and use their social networks differently, with special interests in how the social psychology of gender structures social network influence and how associations drive social contact. My religion and politics work, centered in the US, investigates how religious communities provide political information and how members make sense of and use that information. I therefore examine social networks in churches, clergy political speech and engagement, small group interactions, and as well as experimental results regarding how individuals react to religious cues used by political actors and political cues used by religious actors. I am also interested in how individuals connect with and evaluate interest groups.