Religious Engagement in Democratic Politics Book Series

The Religious Engagement in Democratic Politics series at Temple University Press collects work that explores in theoretically and empirically rigorous ways variations in and determinants of religious presence in the politics of democratic nations — from those with a long history of institutionalized democracy to those struggling to establish free, contested elections and systems of rights and liberties. Books in the series will demonstrate application of one or more of a variety of quantitative and qualitative methodologies to explore the robust and highly variable presence of religion in democracies.

If you have a manuscript or an idea for a manuscript that would be a good fit for this series, please contact me by email at

Royal G. Cravens III. 2023. Yes Gawd! How Faith Shapes LGBT Identity and Politics in the United States.

Yes Gawd! explores the effects of religious belief and practice on political behavior among the LGBT community, a population long persecuted by religious institutions and generally considered to be non-religious. Cravens details how the queer community creates, defines, and experiences spirituality and the consequences for their identity, socialization, and political development.

Luis Felipe Mantilla. 2021. How Political Parties Mobilize Religion: Lessons from Mexico and Turkey

Sabri Ciftci. 2021. Islam, Justice, and Democracy.

Paul A. Djupe and Ryan L. Claassen, editors. 2018. The Evangelical Crackup? The Future of the Evangelical-Republican Coalition